Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day post

Though Memorial Day is not celebrated here (Israel does have a Memorial Day where it does commemerate its fallen, it is a much more somber day followed by the celebration immediately after of Israel Independence Day aka National Barbeque Day, which was a couple of weeks ago. I think I was the only one in the whole country who did not attend a barbeque), consider this my Memorial Day post. I miss the sales, the hot dogs, the Monday off, the M*A*S*H marathons, Fleet Week. And I've been keeping busy, networking, networking, networking, even doing a bit of socializing, still editing all these photographs I intend on posting here working on my new site, The F Stops Here; which by the way has a new URL:, (though keep in mind, it is still a work in progress). Its purpose is show what photo editors do, so it is more of a "professional" site. (Here is where you get to be in on all my rantings and ravings. haha.) Since I haven't had much luck finding photo edit work the traditional way and in traditional publishing companies, I'm trying to think out of the box and re-"focus" my efforts on different methods and targeting different industries, such as high tech, startups and marketing.
Also, wanted to share my post on Frank Lloyd Wright and LEGO. Pure brilliance! Can't wait until the sets are available in stores.


  1. Good for you thinking outside the box! That seems to be what it takes these days. I've had to re-think how I go about getting published as well - it feels like a whole new world out there. Best of luck! I will definitely check out your new blog since I love your photography!


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