Wednesday, March 25, 2009

future's so bright, gotta wear shades...

The presentation went well. The jury liked my interpretation of what Thoreau might want in his urban Walden, right down to the Macbook on his desk. For the presentation itself, I enlarged random parts of the book and pasted them to the boards next to the drafts and sketches. We presented in pairs and what was the juxtaposition of our two designs. She designed a space for Karl Lagerfeld and they could not have been more different. Whereas my boards were deliberately sparse, simple and in black and white, hers were filled color, Chanel symbols and fashion images.
It's been quite a ride, these past 15 weeks. I had a great teacher, great classmates (with whom I hope to keep in touch). It was a small group and I was lucky to have had such talented women as my classmates. We were each given the same apartment, and everyone came up with such different and fantastic designs. What a great experience! An advanced course may be offered in September, as well as an AutoCAD class, both of which I plan on taking.
But until then, anything can happen. Continue looking for work and "Mr. Right" or maybe get lucky and find myself a sugardaddy. I certainly hope to get a cat (black) and/or dog (golden). Such lofty goals, I know ;)
It may be a bumpy ride at times, at others, smooth sailing, but I hope you'll all stick around and enjoy the trip. It reminds me of this corny clip on my parents' wedding reel; this is not the end, it's just the beginning. fade to black.

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  1. Hope you can hear the roar of applause from my end of the world! I'm sure you will sleep better now too, eh? What a wonderful time to have a beginning (spring and all the new birthing stuff) and such an adventure life is! YAHOO and enjoy the ride!

    oh and p.s. - As soon as you truly give up looking for Mr. Right - just let that go - he will appear! Trust me!


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